Kettles & Pans

Selective or multi-functional use

The use of pans, kettles and  pressure bratt pans is not only prevelant in large distributor kitchens, but is also becoming more popular in smaller kitchens.

If  you need to roast or steam large quantities , or have large quantities to cook, it is advisable to plan for one or more kettles, pans or Druckgarbraisiéren. The professionals at ROSTFREI can analyze your requirements and recommend the suitable equipment. The effectiveness of this type of equipment is definitely better for large quantities.

You know:

    • the desired number of meals
    • the available amount of energy
    • whether the majority is fried, cooked or steamed
    • whether you prefer tilted or floor-model appliances





    • calculates the size of the appliances
    • recommends the corresponding options
    • explains the advantages of these options
    • advises about the pros and cons

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