A representiv production kitchen

Raiffeisen Bank International


MKN Optimameister wall-mounted

Kitchen funiture hygienic version H2

MKN pressure bratt pan GN 3/1

MKN combisteamer 20 2/1 GN

MKN pressure cooking kettle GN 3/1

MKN eco control deep fat fryer

Meiko fl ight dype dishwasher

Reference values

1.800 Meals / Day

500 Seats

Free fl ow food output

16.000 Table- and cutlery

1400 Trays

Our Support

The operator of SV-Catering attached  great importance  to choosing  energy-efficient and  cantilevered elements equipment for his kitchen. These  criteria were fullfilled with the kitchen equipment series „OPTIMA EXPRESS“  made by MKN. 

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